Swiss Cottage Tents

Swiss Cottage Resort Tents

This is a double fly tent most widely used in resorts as a tourist tent, or as a govt or private office tent. It is a very versatile tent having an open verandah in front and closed verandah at the back.

The back verandah is used as a bathroom. Also two side elevations are provided for extra attachment like kitchen or store. Made of double layer cotton cloth i.e. 2 layers of cotton cloth throughout. The sizes stated are of the center room which is enclosed with detachable walls 6’ in height attached to the inner fly.

Materials Used – Double Layer Double Fly. The Outer Fly outer layer is made up of 100 % cotton canvas cloth water proof in natural or solid colours.

Outer fly inner layer consists of cotton sheeting cloth yellow color in plain or printed beautiful floral design.

The inner fly outer layer consists of 100 % cotton Water Proof Cloth. The Inner fly inner layer again consists of cotton sheeting or poly sheeting cloth yellow colour in plain or printed beautiful floral design.